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Miracle Mink Growth Black Rice Water nourishes hair folliciles and promotes healthy hair growth and improves the overall condition of your hair.


  • Restores and balances the pH of your hair.
  • Increases shine
  • Builds and repairs your hair for stronger hair shafts and ends.
  • Minimizes shedding.
  • Great for all hair types; men and women and it is an all natural organic product. 


Directions: After shampooing your hair, spray the Black Rice Water on your hair and use a deep conditioning cap. Let it set for 15-25 minutes and rinse your hair. Apply the hair growth conditoner (let it set for 20 minutes) or apply your Rejuvenating Cream OR 3-IN-1 Leave-In Conditioner Spray; dry and style as desired. For coarse hair, we recommend applying the Rejuvenating Cream to your hair and style as desired. 


Recommended Use: We recommend that you use the Black Rice Water once per week.


Ingredients: Water, Black Rice, Jasmine Rice, Assam, Essential Oils (rosemary, tea tree, lemongrass), Preservative, ALMA, NEEM, BRAHMI, SKIKAKAI, Chamomile, Lavender


Bottle Size: 6oz

Black Rice Water


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